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About Us

Award-winning premium coffee since 1998

iCoco Coffee was established at Royal Oak, Auckland, in 1998. It became part of IncaFé Organic Coffee in 2008 and the range of iCoco coffees became certified Organic and Fairtade, roasted at IncaFé's carboNZero™ roastery. 

iCoco coffee is now a wholesale e-commerce brand. 

Our coffee is hand-picked and shade-grown at high altitudes in some of the world’s best coffee growing areas. We buy all our beans directly from growers to ensure maximum quality by getting the pick of the crop and minimize added costs. Hence we can pay our farmers better and give our clients a better price.

iCoco Coffee was the recipient of the Supreme Award at the NZ Coffee Awards 2013-14.

For more info visit: IncaFé Organic Coffee 

Organic agriculture creates better tasting food. It can be a major contributor to a more sustainable and biodiverse world with much cleaner water. It also creates a lot more employment. Moreover, organic (regenerative) agriculture together with reforestation are the only viable ways of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere. 


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